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Andersson & Stare is an architecture firm established in 2019 by Julius Andersson and Oskar Stare, located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our expertise extends throughout Scandinavia, executing a diverse range of projects including vacation homes and private villas. Julius and Oskar first met at art school but their partnership was forged during their studies at Chalmers University of Technology, and has only grown stronger through the years. 

Our approach is rooted in delivering exceptional architecture that enhances the daily lives to people in a sustainable and progressive manner. Each project is thoughtfully considered in relation to its unique location, resulting in powerful, beautiful and coherent designs. Our meticulous attention to materiality and detail is evident in every project, ensuring the highest level of quality. 

Porträtt av arkitekter Oskar Stare och Julius Andersson

© Andersson & Stare Arkitekter AB

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